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This Pokemon box is sold for 50 iPhones X

This unprecedented Pokemon box was successfully auctioned for $ 56,000.

With Yu-Gi-Oh magic addicts! or Magic the Gathering, the possession of expensive cards is always an undeniable pleasure. However, to be able to "reap" this hobby, you have to have a lot of money available to be able to prepare yourself the rarest.

This is also true for Pokémon enthusiasts, who are not very popular but still attract quite a lot of participants. Recently, a Pokemon box produced in 1999 was successfully auctioned for $ 56,000 ($ 1.3 billion).

It is known that this box was produced in 1999 and has never been opened once. However, its price is so high that the card is called Charizard Holo. This April alone, this card has been successfully auctioned for $ 55,000.

At first, Huggins & Scott Auctions auctioned for $ 20,000. However, rare card players entered the fight and eventually the price of the card was equal to that of the individual Charizard Holo card. Many people even estimate that this is a bargain because not only is possession of the rare card, the buyer also has the card remains intact until 1999.

The value of the box is so high that it is easy to understand, because a single Charizard Holo card with a multicolored light effect has been offered at very high prices, which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. , that is, not to mention the other cards. Look out, the rare card game will still be the first game of the first gamers, champion of where the money.

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