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The worlds you are not allowed to die

In these lands, death becomes illegal.
There are places in the world, if you are there, death becomes illegal.

1. Sellia, Italy

The Mayor of this town decided in August this year that the people living there would not be allowed to die or die.

The town now has only 537 residents, and the mayor is 65 years old. So, if there are too many people die, the town almost no longer exists.

However, forbidding a person from going or avoiding death may sound unreasonable, so it can be understood that this ban is only a reminder that people are more aware of their own health care.

In this town, people who fail annual health check will be fined immediately.

2. Cugnaux, France

Since 2007, the town of Cugnaux in France has just 17 boxes in two unique cemeteries. Due to the relatively low location near the sea level, the expansion of the cemetery is difficult.

There is only one site that can be used to build a cemetery in the control area of an air force base.

However, when the Ministry of Defense decided not to allow the town to bury the dead there, Philippe Guérin, the mayor of the town, made the decision that the people here were not allowed to die.

3. Sarpourenx, France

Inspired by the town of Cugnaux, in 2008, the mayor of Sarpourenx also issued a decision that residents of this town would not die. Anyone who violates this will be fined.

However, ironically, after the decision was made a few months, the town's mayor of only 260 residents was the first to commit a "crime" after his death at the age of 70.

4. Biritiba Mirim, Brazil

In 2005, facing the shortage of space in the local cemetery, the mayor of this Brazilian town banned people from dying.

Although the authorities also thought of cremation to reduce the burial area, the Catholic Church did not allow it.
It was not until 2010 that a new cemetery was built, although the area was not very large.
In the meantime, people here may die, but do not know how long it lasts.

5. Lanjaron, Spain

In 1999, Jose Rubio, the mayor of Lanjaron, Spain, also suffered from overcrowding in the cemetery in the area.
He felt the town cemetery was too crowded for the soul to rest.
4,000 residents of Lanjaron are advised to "live" while the city authorities buy land to build new cemeteries.

Mayor Rubio issued a decree ordering residents "to take utmost care of their own health and not die until the town hall took the necessary steps to acquire new land, where The dead can rest.

6. Itsukushima, Japan

According to the faith of the Shinto (Japan), Itsukushima is a sacred place, holy with ancient temples.
Death and childbirth are prohibited on this island. Managers work hard to ensure that no deaths occur.
Since 1878, death has not occurred on Itsukushima Island.

There is no cemetery or hospital in Itsukushima. Once there are residents dying, they are taken to the nearby islands.

7. Longyearbyen, Norway

Due to being located in the north of Norway, where temperatures are too cold, permanent freezing and mortification can not be decomposed, people are not allowed to be buried locally.

The Longyearbyen cemetery stopped accepting burying burials in the 30s of the last century after local authorities issued a statutory law.
In particular, sudden death is considered "prohibited behavior". Persons who are seriously ill or dying will be transported to another city by ship or aircraft for treatment.
The burial also proceeds elsewhere.

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