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The truth of the No. 7 Ronaldo shirt left to be ridiculed before Real awarded to Mariano

The legendary shirt at Real Madrid but surprising when the No. 7 Ronaldo shirt was rejected, before the referee gave it to newcomer Mariano to return at the end of this summer transfer.

After Ronaldo moved to Juventus, Real Madrid No.7 shirt was left empty and it was not until the last days of the transfer market that a new heir apparent was discovered at the Bernabeu.

 When Neymar, Mbappe or Hazard were not able to bring in the superstar, the winner of the No. 7 shirt was Mariano, a former Real Madrid striker, who returned to the summer transfer window.

After this decision was made, many real fans were not satisfied because of the "shirt number 7 is too wide" compared to a player is only rated as pretty as Mariano.

 However, the 25-year-old is not in favor, expecting to be selected this legendary shirt, which young star Marco Asensio is targeted.

A source from the COPE said that initially the BLD wanted Marco Asensio to take the No. 7 shirt from Ronaldo, but the Spaniard refused and continued to use his shirt number 20.

 COPE said the main reason why Asensio denied this honor was that it felt pressure to wear such a shirt, especially when it was associated with a great striker like Ronaldo.
Mariano, meanwhile, was not afraid of the pressure but immediately wanted to get this legendary shirt to make history by himself.

 Realizing the confidence of Mariano, the Real Estate Manager was very happy to hand him the shirt number 7 logo as desired.
Mariano has not yet made his debut for Real, but he is likely to have a chance to play as the friendly match ends.

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