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The most liveable cities in the planet in 2018

Vienna, Melbourne and Osaka are among the leading cities in 2018, according to The Economist.
The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is an independent business unit of the Economist Group that provides prediction, research and analytical services, and publishes annual rankings of the most valuable cities in the world. .

For the first time in seven years the list topped a European city - Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Criteria for making a city worth living include health care, health care, political stability and security, the development of urban environments, education and the environment. and culture.

The total score for these criteria is a maximum of 100. After marking each criterion separately, the assessors will add up and take the average score for each city.

The capital of Austria this year showed a near perfect result - 99.1 points. For all indicators, Vienna scored 100 points, with the exception of the cultural and environmental indexes underperformed slightly.

Over the past seven years, the Australian city of Melbourne's Economically Worthiest Cities has always occupied the top spot.

Although this year's Melbourne index showed improvement and even reached 98.4 points, however, Vienna surpassed Australia's city for index stability and security.

Ranked third in the ranking is Osaka City of Japan, fourth is Calgary of Canada. Combining the top 5 ideal cities is Australia's largest city - Sydney.

Occupy the top 10 rankings in most of the cities of Australia and Canada - each of the three cities.

Also in the top 10 are the two Japanese cities of Osaka and Tokyo.

In addition to Vienna, the list is the only one in Europe - Copenhagen, Denmark.

The cities at the bottom of the table, which means that the living conditions of the people are not guaranteed the most.

At the bottom of the table is Syria's Damascus, just above Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Lagos (Nigeria).

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