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NASA approaches the Earth's "No. 1 enemy"

Bennu has repeatedly crossed the earth and could collide in the future with the equivalent of tens of thousands of atomic bombs.

Latest information from NASA says their OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft has exceeded nearly 108 million kilometers, and only 1.9 million kilometers can be found on the Bennu asteroid's No. 1 enemy. The land, which NASA judged to have "relatively high probability" of human tragedy in the 22nd century.

Bennu - NASA's graphic image based on observation data

Expected on December 3 this year, the probe will land on the Bennu asteroid.

In addition to searching for data to complement the Earth's defense plan, OSIRIS-Rex is also tasked with exploring planetary geology to decipher the origin of life on Earth.

Bennu is an asteroid familiar to scientists, because it has so many times fly very close and threaten the earth. Our orbiting planet and asteroid have intersections.

It is one of the oldest known human-space objects - estimated to be 4.5 billion years old, roughly equivalent to our solar system and about 500 meters in diameter.

According to NASA, outside Bennu's exploration of data for Earth-defying strategy addresses the question "where do we come from?" Previous evidence suggests that this ancient asteroid could contain molecular precursors - the first "seeds" to plant life on Earth several billion years ago.

OSIRIS-Rex is also tasked with investigating the composition of the asteroid whether it contains water, organic matter or precious metals. One hopes to exploit resources on similar asteroids for commercial purposes and to serve the aerospace industry.

In the future, NASA may use nuclear warheads to permanently end the journey of this ancient asteroid. Because Bennu is considered one of the most dangerous space objects.

The collision is predicted in the 22nd century between Bennu and Earth that NASA estimates have a "relatively high probability" when compared to other "space enemies."

The probability of collision seems to be a small one, just 1 / 2,700 but big enough for us to take a positive approach because if the collision happens, Bennu will break us with the equivalent of tens of thousands. the atomic bomb. The collision will negatively affect the global climate and can completely destroy human civilization.

OSIRIS-Rex will stay in Bennu until March 2021, then return to Earth and land in Utah in September 2023.

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