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Coming to Sri Lanka, enjoy a series of unforgettable experiences

As the pearl of the Indian Ocean, the island of Sri Lanka has a myriad of interesting experiences that attract tourists, from surfing, watching blue whales to tea picking, visiting the "Temple Buddha" ...

Relax on the shores of Arugam Bay: Arugam Bay with its long, curved, smooth crooked sand is considered the best surfing spot in Sri Lanka. If surfing is not on your "must try" list, this bay has many other attractive attractions enough to charm tourists such as holiday homes, romantic restaurants, peaceful space and peaceful moments. It is worth the wait. Photo: The Seea.

Spot the Blue Whale in the Ocean: The depth of the southern tip of Sri Lanka's southernmost continental shelf is a suitable area for blue whales, one of the largest creatures in the world. Many visitors prefer this destination of the island of Sri Lanka, as it is a place to watch the giant fish in a very close distance. Photo: Visit Magical Sri Lanka.

Enjoy fresh seafood: Cuisine of Sri Lanka Island excels in fresh seafood, deliciously caught on the spot. Curry, coconut milk is quite familiar taste in the food in this country. At the same time enjoying the features of Sri Lankan cuisine, the famous Jaffna curry is an experience you should not miss. Picture: Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka.

Explore wildlife in Udawalawe: Sri Lanka's Udawalawe National Park is particularly famous for its 700-elephant herd, which allows visitors to view the large mammal. Elephant Transit Home is home to the world's best wildlife rehabilitation centers, which provide care and treatment for injured elephants, orphans ... until they are able to live independently, return to nature. Photo: Top Driver In Sri Lanka.

Conquering Sigiriya: One of the most impressive scenes of Sri Lanka is the 180 m high "Lion Rock", standing upright in the blue sky. At the top of this flat granite, there are traces of the ancient city of Sigiriya, which was built by King Kassapa I in the 5th century. It has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Photo: Lonely Planet.

Visit to the holy city of Kandy: Often called Senkadagalapura, the holy city of Kandy in Sri Lanka was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. It is the last capital of Sinhala kings, Dinahala developed over 2,500 years before the British arrived in Sri Lanka in 1815. Photo: The National.

Tea in Nuwara Eliya: Named "Little Britain", the cool, cool Nuwara Eliya plateau is the center of the Sri Lankan tea industry. For the followers of this familiar drink, Nuwara Eliya is an indispensable destination. Here you can find out about Sir Thomas Lipton and his famous Lipton Tea empire. Photo by Lukas Pelech.

 To Kandy, visitors can not ignore the "Golden Buddha Temple", the most important Buddhist monuments of Sri Lanka. The room where the Buddha's tooth is kept is strictly protected, but visitors can visit. The colorful, colorful Kandy Esala Perahera Festival takes place around July and August every year at the temple attracting a great many visitors everywhere. Photo: Heaven of Asia.

The vertical staircase, sloping to the side of rocky slopes is an experience not to be missed when arriving in Sigiriya. Along the way, you will admire many lively mural, with giant lion carved into the stone. From the top of this majestic rock, visitors can gaze at the enchanting surroundings, especially the foggy forest below in the early morning. Photo: Buffalo Trip.

Udawalawe National Park has a diverse ecosystem and many endemic species of plants and animals. Here, you can find about 30 different species of snakes and hundreds of bird species gathering in the October to March annual migration season. Photo: Natural World Safaris.

Dondra Head, Sri Lanka's southernmost point, has the highest lighthouse in the country, making it the perfect spot for watching the giant blue whale in front of you. From January to April every year, green whales on the route from the Bay of Bengal to the West Indian Ocean often move through the sea to "bloat" with abundant mollusc resources here, thanks to hundreds of rivers. Sri Lanka contributed. Photo: Our Global Trek.

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