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Summer atmosphere really like. However, there is a hot day I do not want any water, sit eating cold water from the inside out is the best hyhi. Summer fruits are cheaper so I eat too much. And eating fruits together with cooking a salty dish also makes the meal very ... summer there the whole house. Today, I would like to introduce to the whole family a food that I just learned the cooking but it is quite good so recommend to the whole family. I would like to temporarily call it chicken orange sauce .

 This dish of chickens orange sauce initially heard, it seems a bit like Chinese dishes. "Orange chicken" is famous but the way I do is simple but equally attractive home;) I like to eat brown meat and use the chicken cheeks to make this dish because of the meat. Flat, when the fry up, all sides of the gold will be cooked evenly over the thigh. The orange sauce I use orange juice and shaved extra gold outside to have a very good orange scent.

 My husband was afraid to eat chicken skin, but with this one, it was very nice because the chicken skin was crispy golden, then it was cooked with orange sauce so very good, the chicken skin is very delicious here. In the summer, this orange chicken is sour sweet, orange aroma seems to be a dish to eat it.

      1. Material:
Approximately 500 grams of chicken, chicken tights (a total of 6 pieces of cheeks) (If both chicks can incorporate the thigh)
1 large orange (squeeze out about 100 ml of water)
1 Tablespoon fish sauce
1-2 Tablespoons sugar (depending on the sweet and sour taste of the oranges but the whole house down slightly)
1-2 garlic branches
Salt and pepper
      2. Making:
Wash the chicken with a little salt and sprinkle some salt on the sides of the meat to marinate. Drag the skin to pieces of chicken to finish the chicken wrapped around the skin. For 20 - 30 minutes to chill the chicken pepper.

 Then pan over the pan (use a pan or pan with thick bottom, the chicken will be crispy gold than the house) for a little oil to cook the pan. Note: chicken when fried will be more fat so do not need more oil to eat. Fry chicken until golden in two sides, about 10 - 15 minutes each side in medium fire.

While frying the chicken, she shells the orange peel outside of the orange to extract citrus oil and squeeze orange juice. Then mix orange juice with sugar, fish sauce and put ½ in the orange peel on the outside and taste tastes to slightly salty and slightly sweet again sour.

 Chicken after fried gold to the plate to one side, still use chicken frying pan and chop off fat if the fat out. Then add the garlic to the pan and pour the orange sauce into the boiling pan. Then pour the chicken in a saucepan about 10 to 15 minutes or until the steam is full, and the sauce is smooth.

Add the chicken, sprinkle with green onion, and the yellow orange peel is softened to enjoy a little hot or cool is also delicious. Chickens are fried golden yellow but very fragrant with the same orange sauce to infuse the taste of orange sauce is special.

When eating delicacies, the whole family will find the scent of orange essential oil is very fragrant, the feeling of eating chicken pieces is fragrant of orange but then it is naturally sweet and sour. Summer dazzling, eat this summer all the meat in chicken meat at home ^^

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