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Certain points must come when traveling to Tainan

Dubbed the "Phoenix City," Tainan originates and preserves the unique culture of Taiwan, China.

The ancient town of An Binh was the first Dutch settlement when it came to Tainan, Taiwan and built the first roads on the island. All commercial activities, trade from there started on this road. Thus, this place has historically important significance for the capital of Tainan. Photo: @ a00069987758.

Today, the neighborhood is full of tourists every day. With hundreds of street food stalls, souvenir shops and game counters, visitors to Tainan, but not around An Binh, unfortunately. Photo: @queen_pusheenie, @depriincess

In addition to the fortress of An Binh (also known as fortress Zeelandia) built by the Dutch, visitors can visit the French fort of Eternal Golden. This fort consists of four cannons in four corners, a deep water pond around the fort, a suspension bridge at the main entrance and a military training ground with five Armstrong cannons. Photo: @felix_vu, @ athenalynn_14, @ kevin.19991023.

An Binh plant will definitely give the tourists a truly fascinating scene: An abandoned warehouse is bushy big trees covered over time. Step inside, visitors can see the roots and trunk covering the walls, windows and interior space. Photo: @ kako0001, @ yuan21127, @homemadefromneobakery, @ zeroboss2006.

It was originally a warehouse of a trading company. Later, the company moved away and the house was abandoned for many years. Gradually, the grass grows lush. Local people have avoided this house because, according to ancient conception, banyan trees are attached to negative energies. However, at present, this place becomes the tourist attraction first class. Photo: @travelswithourdaughter, @catjiechang, @vikysapta, @cessperez.90.

 As a witness to the history of more than three centuries, Chix Lau is one of the most famous works in Tainan. Also named Fort Provintia, this ancient building has many statues, ponds and buildings with beautiful architecture on the premises. Photo: @ athenalynn_14, @ ss0522

Like many countries and regions in Northeast Asia, Taiwan was influenced by Confucianism (also known as Confucianism). Temple of Confucius here was built in the 17th century. Photo: Josh Ellis Photography.

Like Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam in Vietnam, this is the first university in Taiwan. Photo: Expedia.

The fort was first built by the Dutch in 1653. Since then, this monument was once owned by the Ming dynasty, the Qing dynasty and Japan. Two Chinese-style towers on the campus were built on the site of the original fortress (destroyed in an earthquake). When visiting the monument, visitors to look for some foundation brick from the beginning. Photo: @ athenalynn_14, @ o_mavis.o.

In addition to these locations, visitors can refer to places like the Blueprint Culture and Creativity Park, Chimei Museum or Shennong Road. Traveling to Tainan will have a lot of attractions that visitors are ready to open their wallets. Therefore, you should look for cheap airline tickets to save money. Photo: @jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitian.

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