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An adult film company claims to offer a face-to-face alternative to an actor, the world is going crazy for the fake 18+ movie?

Although counterfeit and facelift technology is extremely advanced, it is clear that the implications and effects of this technology are enormous.

If you remember, the term "deepfake" began to emerge on the Internet late last year, after amateur developers found out that they could use AI technology to easily swap faces. of the celebrity into the pornographic film. As soon as the deepfake pops up, it raises a lot of questions, when people can be duped into clips for smear and fraud, but there are also suggestions that it The only technology that is harmful or harmful is who uses it.

However, one thing is clear that the appeal of the deepfake is enormous. Obviously, if they are properly utilized, deep-frying can be a perfect chick, especially in the porn industry. And recently, the porn company Naughty America launched a special service, which allows customers to adjust the video to their liking.

According to the company, users have adjusted their faces and movie scenes alongside adult film actors. Customers who want to appear in the movie need to send the company the necessary data, including their own photos and clips, that include different expressions to help the copy software simulate their expressions. Simple edits will cost several hundred dollars, and complex and sophisticated changes will cost you thousands of dollars.

Be more careful, Naughty America also released a demo clip showing the change of the face of the two main characters in the movie continuously in different scenes. Through the clip, customers can see how effectively changing face and AI applications in video are.

To do this, Naughty America customers will need the consent of all parties. However, many people think that there are still problems in the process, when how can Naughty America know the real customer, who pretended to hire them to make clips to smear others? In addition, Naughty America has not yet made it clear how to distinguish clips that have been edited with original clips, as many experts fear that fake clips will be abused in political manipulation.

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