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America: Wife killed by ... eye drops

A South Carolina woman has been charged with murdering her husband with eye drops on his drinking water for several days, causing him to poison.
Lana Clayton, 52, was arrested several weeks after her husband, Stephen Clayton, 64, died at home.

The woman was detained after a toxicity test showed a chemical called tetrahydrozoline found in Stephen's body.

According to the National Library of Medicine, tetrahydrozoline can cause seizures, apnea and coma.
Only a few drops of this chemical, which is often used to reduce redness of the eyes, can also cause "serious side effects".

At the couple's home, investigators found eye drops and nasal sprays containing the chemical without a prescription.
Police in a statement said Lana admits to sneak up on her husband. The 52-year-old woman was arrested on June 31. Police have not yet revealed the motive behind her murder.

According to the Herald, Lana has no criminal record and has never been arrested by the police.
Prosecutors said they were reviewing the case in 2016 when Lana used a bow to her husband's head while he was sleeping.

However, the police at the time insisted the shootings at the beginning were "accidental".
Investigators later discovered that Lana "cried and hurt" after bowing to her husband's head, according to police records.

At that time, Ms. Lana said her husband "psychologically violated" her and "constantly changed her mood" but never beat her.

Stephen's friends and family claimed they were "shocked" by the news that he had been poisoned by his wife because he was an inexperienced wife.
According to the York County probate court, Lana was able to inherit a $ 800,000 home from his late Stephen.

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