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Man United will buy Gareth Bale ?

Welshman Bellamy said it was difficult to find a team that could finance the transfer fee and high salaries of Bale.

"Where can he go? Man United can not pay him, no team can afford it, only one club can afford to pay Bale, it is the team that he is. If you want to leave, he has to accept a significant salary cut, I'm sure he is not afraid of this but the club dares to buy him. How can a club spend 80 million pounds, 90 million table? ".

"I know Juventus have done it with Ronaldo but Ronaldo is another goal, it's a business world. But for Bale, how can a team dare to spend £ 80m, £ 90m or even £ 100m For a player they do not get back the capital? " - Bellamy shared with the Daily Star.

Barca lift, want to get a star Chelsea

After the 2018 World Cup, Willian expressed his desire to leave Chelsea to seek new challenges in his career. He does not want to continue as a double at Stamford Bridge as last season. Get to know this, Barca are doing every way to take Willian to the Nou Camp. After two suggestions rejected by the England side, Barca boss has sent the latest price of 55 million pounds asking to buy Brazilian star.

Despite new coach Maurizio Sarri wanting to keep his students, Willian said that five years to serve the Blues is enough and now is a good opportunity to conquer new heights with Barca. Willian has traded quite a bit with Coutinho and is keen to play alongside top attacking players such as Messi and Suarez. Therefore, Chelsea will most likely will accept the highest price and let Willian leave according to his will.
MU want to do classic mission?
United are trying to keep Paul Pogba out of Barca's sideline, even claiming to only sell the French midfielder for £ 150m. However, he noticed that the youngster was no longer interested in the offer (secretly sent his agent Mino Raiola to contact Barca), the BLD team started to give up.

According to Don Balon, United will leave Pogba if the deal ceded Ivan Rakitic. The World Cup captain, who had been linked with the Red Devils for a year, had a contract fee of £ 112m. The deal is considered to be in line with the expectations of both Manchester United and Barca.

MU news finished buying Bayern?

Bild, Germany's top scorer, has reached a deadlock when he has announced he has reached Bayern Munich midfielder Arturo Vidal's bid. The two sides have also finalized a £ 31m fee for the Chilean superstar. Vidal has been coach Jose Mourinho for a long time, but MU constantly faced fierce competition from Chelsea.

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